Just like many cities in America, the City of Fort Worth is struggling to make ends meet for fiscal year 2011. Expenses are up, revenues are down and we expect that there will be significantly more money going out than there is coming in. To meet this challenge and to secure Fort Worth’s future, the City has decided to take the same approach many of you are using in your household budgets: We’re prioritizing. The City is working to allocate funds to those programs and services that are most important, even if it means cutting back in other areas.
City staff is also reviewing each department budget and making recommendations for across the board reductions in all departments. However, it is unlikely that budget cuts alone will see us through, and we must consider the possibility of raising additional dollars to meet the service demands of our growing City. For more information about the City’s budget challenges for fiscal year 2011, please visit http://www.fortworthgov.org/fy2011budget.
In the following exercise, you will be making some of the same difficult choices that your City leaders will have to make in order to balance the fiscal year 2011 budget. Your responses will be part of what City staff will consider when making budget recommendations to the City Council.